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VOW Couple Spotlight: Maggie & Jeremy
November 9, 2022
VOW Couple, Maggie and Jeremy were married September 10, 2022 on a beautiful day in Minnesota. Maggie and Jeremy “VOWed” their wedding by creating a charitable registry that they shared with their guests and raised over $3,300 for VOW!
Before we give you all the details of how it works and how they did it, we want to make sure that if you’re thinking about donating with your wedding or have any questions about charities and weddings, our free guide is for you. Be sure to get the free guide to all things charities and wedding planning.
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Ester Knowlen Photography

How It Works

VOW for Girls provides a variety of ways for engaged couples and wedding professionals to give back with their weddings and wedding businesses. 100% of the funds raised goes directly to grassroots efforts to end child marriage. Efforts include advancing girls’ rights by providing education, job training, and vital life skills. Over 177 community-based organizations in six countries currently receive grants, and 85% of those grantees are women-led organizations.
Traditionally, wedding gift lists and wedding registries are standard during a couples’ engagement – but that is changing! Maybe you are just looking to gather friends and family to celebrate your love, or your apartment can’t take anymore “stuff.” We often hear from our engaged couples that they received so many gifts during their engagement and showers that by the time their wedding comes around, they have more than they need already and their wedding registry is already purchased. Whatever your reason for wanting to support a worthwhile cause, VOW for Girls provides an option to do more with your wedding.

blog-maggie-jeremy-ester-knowlen-photo (3)
Ester Knowlen Photography

How They Did It

Maggie and Jeremy were looking for a cause to support with their wedding and came across VOW for Girls via Google. By creating a VOW charitable registry, Maggie & Jeremy’s celebration of love had even more meaning because they were also able to support a cause they care about, and help girls around the world choose love on their own terms.
Learn more about creating a charitable wedding registry
“We wanted to use the opportunity of getting our family and friends together to make a positive impact on something important to us. We are so fortunate that we could choose when and whom to marry, and that we could plan our dream wedding. Part of that dream was that our wedding would benefit a meaningful cause. We both feel strongly that girls should be children first, chase their dreams, and become brides if, when, and where they choose. We’re thrilled to have exceeded our fundraising goal and that our guests were eager to support this cause along with us!”
– Maggie & Jeremy, real VOW couple
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Ester Knowlen Photography
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Ester Knowlen Photography

Photo credit: Ester Knowlen Photography
About VOW for Girls

From wedding registry donations to partner product purchases, everything donated to VOW (that’s 100% of donations!) goes directly to community-driven efforts to help girls around the world. Our grantees, which are mainly women-led local organizations, use the funding we provide to directly support girls.Twelve million girls a year, some as young as 8, become child brides. VOW is a global movement of the wedding industry community, partners and couples who are dedicated to a world where no child is ever a bride and where every girl has the chance to live the life she loves.If you’re in the wedding industry and you’re interested in becoming involved, please find more wedding inspiration and advice in our blog, consider becoming a VOW Pro partner and learning more about VOW’s mission to end child marriage. If you’re an engaged couple and want to learn more about supporting VOW, please visit our couples page. We can’t wait to see what good we can do together!
Download our full Charitable Guide to Giving for more inspiration!