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As a company that celebrates love, we support VOW for Girls.
Because #LoveIsOurBusiness, we believe every girl should be able to choose love on her own terms and no child should ever be a bride.
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Your girls night can change a girl’s life.

Be a champion for girls simply by getting together and having fun.

VOW for Girls invites you to help put an end to child marriage by hosting a Girls Night with the people you love.

Do it your way—

high-end or hoedown, at-home or on-the-town, microwave or Michelin stars, over drinks or over yoga mats, in person or online. Anywhere you can gather with friends can be a space to create change.

Joining us is easy!

Get Planning

Register your Girls Night, and we’ll send you inspiration on how to make your event a success.

Invite Your Crew

Invite your friends and ask them to make a meaningful donation through your fundraising link.

Celebrate & Donate

Host your event! And don't forget to share your photos with #vowforgirlsnight and
tag @vowforgirls.
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However you do it, you’ll make a big impact.

100% of funds raised from your Girls Night will support local projects ending child marriage and opening opportunities for girls. Every $181 raised from a Girls Night is enough to pay for a girl’s education for an entire year.

Host Resources

VOW is Making an Impact

“It is important that we value our development on the health, educational and social levels. As young girls, we must no longer remain silent in the face of inequalities. Let's break taboos and dare to denounce inequalities and injustices based on gender. A girl today is a leader today.”

- Fatouma Adboul Aziz, Age 16

“For me, a young girl should be educated and enterprising. Every girl should have the chance to be successful freely while thriving.”

- Bintou Mohamed Ali, Age 17

“Leadership is learned, if each girl is given the chance to be put in the spotlight, we will no longer have a problem of inequality in the future.”

- Fatouma Moussa Boussy, Age 16

“Opportunities do not come to you, you have to go out to look for opportunities. I am always looking for opportunities to develop myself and invite all young people not to give up and to believe in themselves.”

- Rosalinda José, age 22

"My future life should not be reduced to giving birth, taking care of my family, and eternally depending on my loved ones. I have dreams and aspirations and I need to make them come true with the support of the world. I am a girl, and I can help improve the living conditions of my community."

- Raissa Oumarou Petitot, Age 17