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Wedding Favors Guests Won’t Leave Behind
May 6, 2022
When shopping for guest favors, we know you’re hoping to find something meaningful that will work for all guests and won’t end up in a landfill. It sounds like a tall order, but it can be done! Your gifts have the ability to do good, and VOW for Girls has some great options that fit the bill.

Donations to VOW In The Names of Your Guests

There’s nothing like a charitable donation in honor of your guests to make your entire party feel the love. Printed cards at each place setting which display the personalized donations will charm your loved ones while supporting our world’s girls. What’s better than that? And no plastic knick knacks end up in the trash!

Erica Reade Photography

Signage Ideas

There is a variety of way to express to your guests how you have chosen to donate to VOW in lieu of favors:
Donations in lieu of favors add even more meaning to your wedding and you’re supporting girls’ futures – win win!

Suggested Language

Here’s some suggested language on how to communicate this with your guests:
“Thank you for sharing this day with us. In lieu of traditional wedding favors, we have made a donation in your name to VOW for Girls.”
“On our special day, we’ve chosen in lieu of wedding favors to donate to a charity that is near and dear to both of our hearts, VOW for Girls.”
“In honor of our guests we are making a donation to VOW for Girls to help ensure every girl has the right to choose love on her own terms.”

Erica Reade Photography

VOW Tip: Suggested Donations

Not sure what an appropriate donation amount is if you opt for donations in lieu of favors? We suggest using your guest count as a reference, and multiplying that by whatever you would have spent on physical favors.
VOW couple Helena & Ignacio opted for donations in lieu of favors and 100% of their donations went directly to underfunded grassroots efforts to help girls around the world. Every dollar counts, as just $350 can provide transportation for a group of 25 young women to attend job training classes for 3 months and $181 can cover all of one girl’s costs to attend school for a year – from school fees to supplies and transportation.

Thank you card
Photo Credit: Dani Fine Photography

We want to feature you as our next “VOW Couple”! As you donate, let us know how you “VOWed” your wedding as shown below!
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Header Photo Credit: Rebecca Yale Photography
About VOW for Girls

From wedding registry donations to partner product purchases, everything donated to VOW (that’s 100% of donations!) goes directly to community-driven efforts to help girls around the world. Our grantees, which are mainly women-led local organizations, use the funding we provide to directly support girls.Twelve million girls a year, some as young as 8, become child brides. VOW is a global movement of the wedding industry community, partners and couples who are dedicated to a world where no child is ever a bride and where every girl has the chance to live the life she loves.If you’re in the wedding industry and you’re interested in becoming involved, please find more wedding inspiration and advice in our blog, consider becoming a VOW Pro partner and learning more about VOW’s mission to end child marriage. If you’re an engaged couple and want to learn more about supporting VOW, please visit our couples page. We can’t wait to see what good we can do together!